When I was a girl Oreos were a rare and special treat. I loved twisting the top off of each one and dragging my tongue over the bottom cookie to get all the yummy frosting. Then I’d pop the cookies parts in my mouth.

Then Double Stuff Oreos were a thing. I’m rather surprised we don’t have triple stuff oreos today.  But I’m digressing a little. (Another digression, I can’t seem to type without making a bazillion mistakes. I’m hoping it’s just because my brain works faster than my fingers but all I can really say is how thankful I am for the backspace button.) If regular Oreos were a rare treat, Double Stuff was an extremely rare manuscript that must be treated with kid gloves. They were as rare as a blizzard in August. Which I suppose could have happened at some in history, but not in recent history and not in the northern hemisphere.

It’s entirely possible that I’m rambling and babbling on because I’ve forgotten the point of this blog post. If there was one. Which I’m sure there was but it has flown out of my mind like a canary from a cage.

Double…twice as much. Elisha asked for a double portion of the spirit of Elijah. That was bold. Think about it. A mentor says, “What can I do for you before I leave you?” You think and think and then blurt out, “Yeah. I’d like to be you only twice as much. Twice as good.” Bold. Daring.

Why don’t we say that to Jesus? “Hey Jesus, I want to be like You, only double You in me.” It seems so self-serving, arrogant. But what if that prayer would be answered not with a “no” but with “I thought you’d never ask!”

Now I’m not at all saying we can get a double portion of the Holy Spirit, that’s crazy. (I think. I’ll have to ponder that some more.) But what if we just kept praying for more of Him, more of His life in us. More death to self, more life to Jesus. “Jesus, You were in me and with me yesterday. Today I want You to double that.”

That’s bold. That’s daring. What if He asked you to do something you didn’t want to do after you prayed that? How would you respond? Would you do it? Or would you sit back and say, “Oh no, Jesus, that’s too much. You’re asking too much.”

What if Jesus wanted your Double Stuff? What would you do then? Does Jesus even ask for our Double Stuff?  You see, now that I’ve asked the question, I find myself wondering if He does that. He certainly can. I’m going to have to think on this a bit more.

It should be obvious to everyone that I don’t always know the end of a blog post from the beginning. Maybe I should plan these out a bit more. Maybe I’ll start. No, I will start.

But never fear, I’ll probably still post random and rambly posts because that’s how I roll.