Of Fan-girls and Heroes

This might surprise you, but then again it might not, I’ve always had a rather active imagination.  And a very healthy fear. Or very unhealthy. It all kind of depends on your perspective.

My imagination made it very easy as a young girl to picture every book I read. I used my vivid imagination to climb out of my life and into whichever book I was reading at the moment.

That was a very good thing, IF I happened to be reading “Little House on the Prairie” or “Magic Elizabeth”, “Trixie Belden”, or possibly “Honestly Katy John”. You know, nice, cheerful, happy stories.

Not quite so much if you’re reading Nancy Drew. Those books scared me silly.  It was in reading Nancy Drew books that I started my lifelong habit of reading the first couple of chapters and then last few chapters. I had to read the end of the book before I read the middle and in broad daylight to head off the fright. Reading mysteries at night was the things nightmares were made of.

Which is funny because I loved them. Being scared out of mind, yeah, not so much. But mysteries were my favorites. I didn’t much care for watching tv as I preferred books. But I did have my favorite shows.

Care to guess which ones?

That’s right. The detective ones. Adam-12, Chips–nothing scary at all about those shows. Then I graduated to Magnum P.I. and Simon & Simon. After watching those shows every Thursday night for years I was ready to hang out my P.I. shingle and go into business.

I’m not going to lie, I had a huge crush on Jameson Parker. (In case you’re wondering, he played AJ Simon.)  Huge. I had a poster of him hanging on my bedroom wall, actually just above the head of my bed, prime real estate spot if you ask me.

Let’s fast-track to today.  Or last Christmas. My oldest child found Simon & Simon on dvd and purchased season 1 for my Christmas gift. I didn’t let any grass grow under my feet in getting that season watched.

I’ve spent many hours watching episode after episode. Many very delightful hours spent giggling and exclaiming, “I remember this episode!” and “I love him!”

I’ve done some searching and found Jameson Parker on facebook. And that lead to me his website. Which lead to me his blog.

Can I just take a moment to say that man can write! He has such an easy, conversational style. Reading his blog is like sharing a pot of coffee over a chat. (http://readjamesonparker.com)

Reading his blog lead to me…you guessed it, comment on it. Which lead to this.Screenshot_20180322-154249

If you’re wondering if an old woman can fan-girl like a 15-year girl,  the answer is a resounding, giddy, giggly, yes!