Gilmore Girls, Coffee, Needs And Jesus

I am a Gilmore Girls junkie. It’s like my crack. If I’m not watching it, I’m thinking about it. And quoting it. I’ve tried to pigeon-hole everyone I know into one of the characters. And some people just don’t fit. That is most distressing.

My oldest child is definitely a Rory. So much Rory in her life it’s scaring me a little. But then I scare her as well because I am all things Lorelai. (Very sad to say my younger child has no Gilmore Girls counterpart and neither does Mr. FullCup. Most distressing.)


I love the episode when Luke and Lorelai are at odds again and she can’t go to the diner to get her coffee fix, so she goes to Weston’s, walks up to the counter and says, “I need coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee!” She chats with the other customers while they are getting her coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee.  When the waitress finally comes back with Lorelai’s coffee she hands off a carrier with four cups of coffee in it. Lorelai is slightly taken aback and says she only needed one cup.

“But you said, ‘I need coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee.”

I feel a need to interject here in case you’re not up to speed on all-things Gilmore Girls, Luke would have known exactly what Lorelai was saying when she ordered coffeecoffeecoffeecoffee. Exactly.


I completely understand Lorelai’s need for coffee. I get that because I need it too. Sometimes I think it’s my greatest need and if I don’t get some I’ll…well…I’ll just die. I need it and I need it now. Right this second now.

I never said I would die without coffee. I said other people would die.

Lately Jesus has been speaking so loudly to my soul about needs, specifically mine and yours. Now, you’re going to need to have an open mind because what He has been teaching me is, if nothing else, extremely radical. It goes completely against what we have been taught from infancy to believe.

We all know Jesus meets our needs. We all know Philippians 4:19,

And my God shall supply all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

We know that and we quote it. We slap that truth on any need we don’t want to meet. When we feel the squeeze of someone we deem “too needy”, we’re flippant with “Jesus will meet your needs. You need to only look to Him.” We’re speaking the truth when we say that. Absolutely the truth. There is nothing more true than that. Unless it’s “Jesus Christ died to save sinners; of who I am chief.”

We always have an idea of how Jesus can best meet our needs. We also always think we know more than Jesus what we really need and exactly what has to happen for our need to be met. We often give lip service to Jesus meeting our needs but regularly we’re frantically working behind the scenes to be sure He meets them to our specifications. Then we’re all about praising Him because “He met my need!”

Who do we think we’re kidding?

We also have a huge tendency to look to Jesus to meet our needs, but we know just how He will. Picture a triangle. God is at the top, we’re on the lower left and God’s supply is on the lower right. We look to Jesus to meet the needs, but we know He’s just going to pick one thing out of His vast supply and meet the need.

But He doesn’t work that way. Yes, He supplies our needs. He is the Meeter of Needs. He alone meets our needs. With Himself. He is the supply. Not just the supplier. He meets our needs with Himself.

When I look to you to meet my heart needs, I am making you my god. When I look to me to meet your heart needs I am making me your god. (The longer I walk with Jesus the more I am convinced that all sin is idolatry. It is all us thinking we know more than God.)


Our needs are like the Law. The law was given to lead us to Christ (as we read in Romans). It was pointed us to Him. The law showed our lack, it proved how we couldn’t take care of ourselves no matter how hard we tried. It was simply impossible. We failed. But we keep on trying.

Our needs are also given to us to drive us to Christ. They point out the way to the only one who can completely meet our needs. Anything we choose to look to to meet our needs is an idol and will fail.

If I look to you to meet my needs you will for a time. But then you’ll get tired of it, or move, or die, or just stop meeting my needs. Then I’m forced to look elsewhere to get my needs met. So I continually chase after one idol after another. When Jesus stands there ready to meet my needs.

When I humbly confess my idol-making ways, repent of how many other places I’ve gone to, and how many other people I’ve looked to to meet my needs, He is faithful and just to forgive and cleanse.

Oh the freedom for me and for you when we choose to look, not to one another to meet our needs, but to look and really see Jesus as the One who meets our needs. You are freed from my expectations of you, I’m freed from expectations I place on you (and you place on me). From that free place we get to be normal. No expectations that can’t be met. No chains.

Freedom. In Him. With Him. And because of Him.