Crazy Conversations

pexels-photo-209037.jpegSometimes funny things happen. Sometimes they just naturally happen and other times they need a little help. At least that is what I’ve heard. I’m not sure it’s true. For me it all seems to just flow right out of my every pore.

Let’s be clear here. Funny just happens. Especially when you know someone who has virtually no filter between their brain and mouth. No filter. None. You never know what will pop out of their mouth. Conversations with these people are always an adventure. If you love adventure, you love people like this. If you like life to be staid, static, and your idea of adventure is squeezing the toothpaste tube in the middle, you will not enjoy people with no filter.

People with no filter tend to say things they haven’t thought of yet. They also tend to say really, really funny things without even realizing it. They say things like, “It goes on the top on the bottom.” And when they say that, chances are very good their offspring, the recipient of said comment, will look at them with an aghast look, put the platter on the counter, and back away quickly.

At least I suppose that would happen. I could see how it could happen. I’m sure I knew exactly what I meant by “on the top on the bottom”, it’s just really unfortunate that no one else could read my mind.