A Review: The Study Bible For Women

I have a problem. You might need to stage an intervention on my behalf. I have an addiction. It’s not to anything really bad, in fact, quite the opposite. It’s a good addiction.

Believe it or not, this time I’m not talking about my addiction to coffee, or my insatiable need to collect coffee mugs. In fact, it’s so much not any one of those that it doesn’t even have anything do with coffee.

Well maybe it doesn’t. Usually when I’m using this addiction of mine, I’m drinking coffee. You know, I’ve never once stopped to ponder if I could not drink coffee while performing this ritualistic task.

Only it’s not a task. It is a love. A deep love.


What I’m talking about here is the Bible, God’s Word, the Word of God, Holy Scriptures, whatever name you want to give it. I love it. I love spending time reading it, mining it’s depths for buried treasure.

I know there are some of you who will want to shoot me for this next statement, but I also love the various translations of the Word. I love to pour over the differences, compare their similarities.

When I was presented with the opportunity to review The Study Bible For Women published by LifeWay, I immediately clicked YES!

People, this Bible is just plain pretty! The dust jacket doesn’t quite cover the whole Bible (and really it’s not supposed to), so I quickly took that off and the turquoise and light sand cover of the hard back is still pretty!

Do you want to know what really gets me excited about this? There are two ribbon bookmarks! Two! Not one but two! No more need to search to find a book mark anymore. I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for one, and I can never seem to find one. (In case you’re wondering, using abc gum doesn’t work well at all. Trust me.)


Inside this beautiful Bible you will find a few very nice features. It’s fairly typical now to have an introduction to each book, with an outline and this one is no exception. A notable difference though with this Bible is the timeline that is included, so you can see just when each book took place and what else was happening at or around the same time.

There are plenty of small word studies on the pages. (Not every page but close!) These are particularly valuable if you want to learn more about a certain word on that page.

At the end of each book there are little devotional-type words of encouragement, “Written On My heart”. These are designed to allow the Holy Spirit to write the message of the book on your own heart. I would encourage you to read these and then ask the Holy Spirit to write His message to you on your own heart.

Okay, here is where my review might get a little tricky.¬† There are scattered through the Bible little pinky-red boxes, “Biblical Womanhood”. These are, or at least can be, a very good resource as you personally study the truths of Biblical Womanhood for yourself. I do not fully agree with all of these, and honestly I haven’t read all of them either.

This study Bible is for women, about women, and celebrates women. If you’re in the market for a new Bible, you will want to check this one out. There are other features I didn’t mention.


To satisfy the Federal Government I received a free copy of this Bible from LifeWay Publishers for the purpose of review. I am a member of their B&H Blogger group. I did not have to give a favorable review and all opinions stated in this review are my own.


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