Riley Mae and the Ready Eddy Rapids {A Review}

_225_350_Book_1107_cover(DISCLAIMER:  I have not personally read this book. You see it came in the mail, my 11 year old absconded with it, and I haven’t seen it since. So from my 11 year old…..)

I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! It has a lot of cute, funny moments which I absolutely LOVE. Plus it isn’t possible to get bored with it. I would advise that the first book be read first, since it references back a lot. (Me here, we didn’t read the first book first. We’ll read the first book second. Just say we’re “spiritual” that way…you know the first will be last and the last first. Okay back to her.)

After her adventure/catastrophe in Yosemite Valley, Riley thought her troubles were over. But when Swiftriver’s private jet backfires leading to a rough landing, she believes that the danger is far from passed. Her suspicions are only confirmed when someone attempts to take her life during a coyote adventure. Flip, her assistant, is convinced her knows who it is, but when he uncovers proof to support his claim, will the others believe him?

Me again, if you have a child, grandchild, niece or nephew they just might really like this book.


A number of years ago…actually it’s probably about 3 decades (which, I guess is a number of years) I was a summer Missionary through Child Evangelism Fellowship’s Christian Youth In Action. I had training and then went out each summer in my own town and taught children about Jesus.

Life has come full circle, now it’s my daughter who is going through the training and will be a summer missionary. She is so good with children and loves Jesus.


But this isn’t a free endeavor. And while it’s not  as expensive as if she was going overseas as a summer missionary, there is a cost involved. She has been saving money like a fiend.

But she still needs your help. She is doing a fundraiser through 31 (yes, I am donating 100% of my profits to her), if you would like to place an order to support her, you can use this link,

If you aren’t able to help financially, will you pray for her?


Yes, this is another post about sending love through the United States Postal Service. You see in the past couple of weeks, maybe even just last week, I have no ideas really, I was studiously doing my Bible study homework.

Because you that’s how I roll…

One of the exercises was to think back on our life, divide it in quarters, (mine was easy…every 11 years) and write how we saw God working and moving. Some areas were hard, because let’s face it, who remembers their own birth?  Some were hard because life was hard and I didn’t want to relive any of that hard, yucky stuff.

As I moved through the quarters, one name immediately sprang to mind. I couldn’t shake it. It was as if God was saying, “Remember them? Remember how they showed Me to you? Remember?” And I did. I wrote the name in my book and that was enough.

For that part.

I couldn’t shake, again, the feeling that I had to somehow let them know. I could have called them and that would have been sufficient. I could have sent a message on facebook and that would have been sufficient. But I felt God was asking me to do more.

I dug out my card making items and made them a thank you card. It wasn’t fancy. But it got the job done.  I popped it in the mail.

Which I have found is a great way to get things to their intended receiver. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve gotten cards all ready to mail and then forgot to actually mail them. (Which reminds me…dig out the birthday thank you cards and mail them!)

Last night I saw these old friends. The ones that so showed me Jesus, here are the comments I heard;

“It made my day!”


“I had no idea!”

You see, I’m convinced we never know how we are being used in someone’s life. And really until we stop and think about it, we don’t really realize how much God has used someone in our life to grow us, to reveal Himself to us in new ways.

So, today ponder this. Ponder the people God has used in your life. And then send them a thank you.

Gluten Free, Sugar Free Cookies

These cookies are not free of taste at all. They are delicious!!!! And so very, very simple. From the first time I made them I had the recipe memorized. Just four simple ingredients. And they make up so fast…

Of course they also disappear just as fast.  You won’t be able to stop yourself from grabbing one every time you walk past the cookie jar. Or if you’re like me, they never make it to the cookie jar.

But the fact that I don’t own a cookie jar could have something to do with that.

Okay. Here are the ingredients,


Bananas, oatmeal, natural peanut butter and chocolate chips. Now I make my own peanut butter, so I know exactly what is in it, peanuts. That’s it. I just grind up some peanuts in my food processor and voila! I have natural peanut butter. I also use carob chips. I know, I know. You think they’re of the devil and taste bad.  In these cookies, you don’t really taste them, and you can use chocolate chips (but then they won’t be sugar free). My innards really don’t like sugar.  If you don’t want to use them or chocolate chips, I have made them without the chips and they taste just as good.

You’ll want to mash 4 ripe bananas. Not overripe, not fit-only-for-banana-bread-ripe. But the ripe banana you’d eat. Mash those up like you’re making banana bread or baby food. Mash them well.


Looks pretty disgusting, doesn’t it? Just tell yourself it’s only mashed bananas.

Then add 2 cups of oatmeal. Now if you’re really sensitive to gluten, don’t buy Quaker Oats, get the good gluten free kind. But I’m not that sensitive…yet, so I use the cheap kind. Mix it well.


To this you’ll want to add 2 heaping tablespoons of natural peanut butter. Now you can use the natural peanut butter you get from the store or health food store. You don’t have to make your own.

Then add one cup chocolate/carob chips. Mix until combined.


Looks good enough to eat doesn’t it?

Shape into balls and place on baking sheet or stone. (I use the Pampered Chef thing that looks like an ice cream scoop.)


These do not flatten and spread out so feel free to put a lot on your baking sheet. I put 24 on my large baking sheet.  Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.

I would immediately remove them from the sheet to a cooling rack.  Enjoy!






A Godward Heart {A Review}

(Now, I told you yesterday I was behind on reviews….)

More and more I want to have a GodWard Heart. A heart that truly seeks after Him, that wants to know Him, really know Him for who He is. To know His heart. In that vein I read like a starving man. One of the books I picked up in this journey to knowing, serving and loving the God of the Bible is A GodWard Heart by John Piper.

Normally he is such an academician I can’t keep up. I have to read and re-read the pages several times before I think I might have a grasp on what he is talking about.  In this book, A GodWard Heart, Treasuring the God Who Loves You, 50 Meditations For Your Journey, the chapters (50) are short and are written so I can understand them. The message is not at all “dumbed” down.

The chapters are short enough to read in the car when you’re stopped at a red light, or if you live in a town like I do, when you’re stopped for a train.  All of them, short as they might be, are in no way short on teaching about our great God. They are full of truth. They point to Jesus, the Jesus of the Word, not the Jesus of our own making.  Not Jesus as we want to see Him, but Jesus as He truly is.

If you’re wanting to develop a deep love for the Savior like I am, get this book. Read it. You could make it a new devotional book to read a chapter during your quiet times with Jesus.  As a means of encouragement, I’m including a link for you to read the first chapter….


I received a free copy of this book for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

Twirl {A Review}

When I was around 2 years old my older sister learned to twirl around in a circle until she got dizzy. I, as the younger sister, thought anything she could do, I could do…better, and so I proceeded to twirl around and fall down. Only I failed to wait for the dizzy part. I would do a half twirl and sit down.  I’ve been twirling through life ever since.

Patsy Clairmont urges us all to twirl through life, even when the hard times come.  She doesn’t mean the spinning we currently do through life, running at break-neck speed from one activity to the other, finding ourselves, at the end of the day, depleted and in dire need of a little laughter.  We let our busy schedules rule our lives, for what real reason I’m not sure I know. Maybe it’s a competition, “Oh I can’t do that…I’m just too busy”, “You must really have a lot of time on your hands to do that. I’m just too busy”, or “I’d love to sit and read, but I have to be here, do that, go there” and our list goes on and on. But God Himself rested. He commands us to rest.

Why not start twirling to the point of being dizzy just for the fun of it?

Twirl is Patsy’s latest offering. It is simply chock full of goodness.  Each short chapter talks about a discipline we can do to learn to really twirl. At the end, she poses three questions about how we are going to utilize the information in our life. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn, but most of all you’re going to find yourself twirling for the sheer joy of it.


I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of review.